MonitorEyeT - The Enterprise Systems Monitoring Tool

Keeping tabs on an intricate network of computer systems located at different places without physically moving around, is one of the biggest problems faced by System Administrators the world over.

The Solution

This tool helps you monitor the entire IT infrastructure you have at the enterprise level. It provides you a birds eye view of all the resource that form your IT infrastructure with ability to drill down on something that is of interest to you so that you are not overwhelmed with a flood of information about every nut and bolt in your network.

Sophisticated features

  Proactive System Monitoring - MonitorEyeT allows you to monitor your enterprise IT infrastructure at the level of various devices on every computer, server or workstation, on the network. It also helps you keep a tab on how your network is performing. It helps you considerably reduce the time spent on system support and maintenance by providing advance indications of potential problems so that you can take care of an issue before it becomes a problem.

  Multiple location support - MonitorEyeT lets you keep an eye on your IT infrastructure spread across multiple geographical locations. You can monitor how a particular machine or a device is performing irrespective of where it is located.

  Mapping of applications and devices -MonitorEyeT lets you create a mapping of your enterprise application infrastructure and enterprise hardware infrastructure so that you can establish an association between all the devices affecting the performance of various applications used in the organization. Using this information, MonitorEyeT alerts you about which applications are affected whenever any device has a problem.

  File Watcher -MonitorEyeT helps you scan an application error log by searching through a file on a machine for a specific application/software name and associated error message so that you need not go through the cumbersome exercise of looking through the entire log. It can also search the database for similar error messages.

  Reporting -MonitorEyeT provides you with highly customizable reports about the health of your IT infrastructure. You can schedule periodical reports for daily, day-and-time-of-the-week monitoring. Reports present relevant data in the form of various charts so that you get a better view of the patterns in the performance variations of various devices.

  Rule based Exception Reporting - MonitorEyeT sends you an Email or SMS as soon as there is an exception that calls for an alert. You can define rules like alert conditions, severity and time duration, for alert messages. It also allows you to remotely access the system and handle exceptions.

  Intelligent and self-learning - MonitorEyeT maintains the knowledge base of problems faced in the past with their resolutions and helps the system administrator in quick and effective resolutions of similar issues in future. This is achieved at two different levels. One, at the device level and two, at the level of the class or type of a device.

  Decision support - The knowledge base maintained by MonitorEyeT may also be used for analysis of types of problems associated with different types of devices or applications, and can be used for future decisions related to the IT infrastructure, type of devices, application vendors etc.

  Audit Trail -MonitorEyeT provides complete audit trail of all the configuration changes, additions or deletions and mapping changes applied to the system. It maintains record of state of various devices vis--vis system administration activities performed on MonitorEyeT.

  Setup - MonitorEyeT is absolutely easy, Quick and hassle-free to setup.

Guiding User interface

  Web based - MonitorEyeT provides highly intuitive web-based user interface using the latest controls available, in order to facilitate 'anywhere' access to the critical information about the health of your IT infrastructure.

  Specific - The system does not overwhelm you with flood of information and data. It rather helps you drill down to information on specific system, application or device you are interested in.

  Remote Access -It supports remote access for you to take care of serious issues immediately from wherever you are, using the Internet.

  Dynamic Rule based user interface - MonitorEyeT uses rules database for dynamic user interface based on what is being monitored and who is monitoring in order to provide information specific to the role and interest of the user.

Highly configurable

MonitorEyeT is highly configurable and provides flexibility to the user. You can configure the MonitorEyeT monitor as well as agent for the precise information you would like to have and the way you want it. Following are some examples.

  Monitor Configuration

  Start/stop monitoring a device and/or an application on the fly.
  Set performance thresholds for various parameters and maintain service levels.
  Configurable, rule based messages and color-codes for alert notification.
  Start time and stop time can be used to specify the period during which alert notification should be paged/emailed to the user (administrator).

  Agent Configuration

  Mass default configuration for many agents along with local configuration for overriding default.

Popular and Appropriate Technology

  Java - MonitorEyeT is written using the latest in the highly popular and increasingly industry standard development platform of Java, leveraging the "write Once-Run Anywhere" promise of Java. This makes MonitorEyeT a highly generic and portable system that can be used on an array of platforms.

  SNMP based - MonitorEyeT is based on SNMP, the standard operational and management protocol for the Internet, so that it works in harmony with other systems using the standard and you can be assured that you are not binding yourself with a proprietary way of managing network.

  Firewall friendly - MonitorEyeT uses HTTP/JDBC/TIBCO for communication between the agent and the monitor.